The Genuine Article

Sep 24, 2015

Go for the genuine article! Recently, I was speaking with a group of cattle ranchers and a question was raised regarding what to do when family members don’t get along. Before answering, ...

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Staying Engaged

Aug 25, 2015

Senioritis   Tommy and I were meeting recently with an intergenerational family business. The transition from one generation to the next is nearly done. We were asking “Dad” ...

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Four-Leafed Clover

Jul 15, 2015

A Four-Leafed Clover?  I like to mountain bike…have I mentioned that before? Recently I was on a ride with a friend in the Coast Range out of McMinnville. We were climbing a trail ...

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No Spin Zone

Jun 30, 2015

Get: The Rest of The Story… Many of you (at least us old guys and gals…) may remember Paul Harvey’s radio program, “The Rest of The Story.” Harvey would paint a picture ...

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