Don't Miss the Moose


Photo by Cameron Holt


Don’t miss the moose!


A number of years ago I was hiking with some friends outside of Salt Lake City, toward Timpanogos. I was set to fly back to Portland late that afternoon. When I travel, I like to leave plenty of time to get to the airport, check in, get through security and to the gate. It just so happened that several of my hiking “buddies” were pilots. So, for them, that extra time getting to the airport isn’t necessary…You get where I’m going with this. Mark, the one who wants to get to the airport early, is hiking with some who think it’s no big deal. The hike is full of great scenery and for awhile good conversation. But I begin to worry about the time. If memory serves, I mentioned the need to turn back and get to my flight. No response. We just kept hiking…up and up…Did I say that we had gorgeous views? My worry becomes frustration. My frustration turns to mild anger. Finally, I say, I’ve got to get to my flight.


I’m turning back.


So back to the parking lot I go…on my own…by this time fuming…


I get back to the parking lot and wait on my hiking friends. (Or by now are they my enemies?) It goes without saying that my mood on my descent was not one of taking time to “smell the roses” and enjoying all the gorgeous vistas. While waiting in the parking lot, my blood is boiling. Don’t they know I could miss my flight?


They are being SO disrespectful of me.


All of fifteen minutes later my friends show up. We’re FINALLY ready to head to the airport (and by the way, I made my flight with time to spare). They asked me one question:


Did you see the moose?


Moose, what moose? They described where they’d seen the moose. Did I forget to mention, on the hike up, I showed my sour attitude by lagging behind the group…Boy, who would ever want to go on a hike with Mark? Party pooper extraordinaire!


I missed the moose.


Why? Because…


I didn’t go around one more corner.


Have you ever “missed the moose?” Is there a corner, in relationship, in business or in life where you turned around just before something great was about to happen? You may have felt that you had good reason, but in hindsight wished you’d pressed on.


What if we’d had just one more difficult conversation over my role in the company? Might I still be there? What if we’d tried one more time to clarify each other’s position? Might we still be partners? What if you’d given your ex-spouse one more chance? Might you still be married?


Some corners MUST be rounded

if we want to see the moose.


How badly do you want to avoid “missing the moose?” I’ve watched families turn around and head to the parking lot. I’ve also watched families round the bend to see the moose. If I ever hike that trail in Utah again, trust me, I’ll go around that corner. I don’t want to miss the moose!



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