Rotating Furloughs

Mar 16, 2020

Simon Sinek's video on the economic impact of COVID-19 in which he shares the concept of rotating furloughs (time off).  

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Feb 24, 2020

 Cindi Mortimer-Kies   BUMPS…   Bumps in the road. Depending on the state you live in…More or less… Does the end justify the means? Are bumps necessary ...

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Fiduciary...A What??

Jan 21, 2020

Photo by: Damian Navas   Fiduciary…What?   Most of you have probably heard the word, Fiduciary…Maybe on multiple occasions. What does it mean? Google the word and here’s ...

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 Photo credit: 401(K) 2012   The Family That ______’s Together Stays Together   I’ll let you fill in the blank, but wanted to reference an article I read recently ...

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Click on the link below to listen to a great panel interview with our founder, Mark Wickman and others. Presented by The Jefferson Exchange.…/farm-bureau-works-oregon-farm-succes…

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And You?

Nov 18, 2019

 Photo by: Marcin Wichary   And You? I was interviewed this week about the work I do. Near the end of our conversation, this person asked, If you had it to do over, what would you ...

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The Outward Mindset

Sep 26, 2019

Photo by:  Delyth Angharad   The Outward Mindset   At the recommendation of a client and an attorney friend, I recently finished reading a book put out by the Arbinger Institute entitled, ...

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   “Are you Happy?” and Other Misunderstandings. This story is about happiness, misunderstanding, and the importance of shared meaning.  But first, you might be wondering ...

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Photo by: Eugene Zemlyanskiy     AFFIRMATIONS and AGREEMENTS We’ve been working with some clients recently, doing an exercise we’ve called, “Affirmations and ...

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Summer Musings

Jun 24, 2019

Photo by: Selbe        Summer musings…   I hope your summer is off to a good start, and that you have time to enjoy family and the GREAT outdoors.   This ...

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Next-Gen Letting Go

May 20, 2019

Photo by: Selbe       Next-Gen Letting Go   We talk to the elder generation regularly about letting go. BUT, what about Next-Gen? Do they need to learn to let go, ...

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Just Believe

Apr 30, 2019

Photo by: Blue Moon     Just Believe…   Three thoughts about this word, BELIEVE…It’s kind of a funny word. So often we (at least as Westerners) think of ...

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Photo by: Steven Guzzardi   Upside Down or Right-side Up? The older I get the more I’m discovering that life is ripe with the counterintuitive. I’ve shared before that I LOVE ...

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Photo by: Leo Reynolds   Communication...Communication...Communication.... Not wanting to sound like a broken record, but OK, guilty as charged. Those of you who read this blog regularly ...

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Leaders are Learners

Jan 7, 2019

Photo by: Tadeu Pereira     Happy New Year!!   This will be brief…I want to share two things I’ve listened to recently. I think they may be of value. You’ve ...

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Don't Wait

Nov 27, 2018

Photo by: Tom Goober   Don’t Wait…   Not too long ago, I was talking with some people and one of the persons in on the conversation stated,   We’ve never ...

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Do you have enemies?

Oct 29, 2018

Photo by: rrllmm392  Do you have enemies?   Do you? How do you define the word ENEMY? In our age of divisiveness, one can find plenty of enemies…OR, not…  For you, ...

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Sep 26, 2018

Photo by: Peter Mooney     Compete... Did you grow up a competitor? Did you like to compete? Whether it was for your parents’ attention, the biggest piece of cake, ...

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"Unplug!" ???

Aug 15, 2018

Photo by: Takao Goto  "Unplug!" ???  “Mark is unplugged. But even though he is, he sent this. Encouraging us all to unplug…even a bit…”             ...

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Photo by: Sebastian Toma   How Empty is Your Fuel Tank?   On a busy school morning, it is not uncommon to get everyone loaded up in the car to then discover that my fuel tank is in ...

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