Bumper Bowling

May 22, 2018

Photo by: Roger DeWitt   Bumper Bowling… Full disclosure…I’m not a good bowler. BUT, I don’t think I need the bumpers on the lanes to avoid gutter balls. ...

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Two Little Letters

Apr 29, 2018

Photo by: duncan c Two little letters…   What is your history with the word NO? Maybe it’s a memory of your mother telling you to stop pulling your sister’s hair…Or, ...

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Out-of-Body Experience

Mar 23, 2018

Photo by: Teena Wildman   Have you ever found yourself in the awkward position of being the focus of a group conversation…one you never intended to be in from the start??? I ...

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Market Research

Feb 26, 2018

Photo by: Geek Nose   Financial services professionals have, as part of their compliance, something called the Know Your Customer Rule. Do you know your customers? Your clients? Two little ...

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Do you ever feel like you could use better judgment? Or maybe, you remember a time (I said maybe - I certainly can’t (I say as my nose grows…)) when you exercised poor judgment…   If, ...

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The Cobbler's Kids

Dec 18, 2017

I recently had an encounter reminiscent of the “cobbler’s kids.” You know the story… The cobbler makes shoes for others, but his kids have none… Well, what’s ...

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Photo by Joanna     I know that people everywhere this time of year are impatiently waiting by their electronic mailboxes for Mark’s November blog. LOL!! Right, Mark… With ...

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Photo by Tom Magliery Time…Be careful what you ask for   October. Almost time to set our clocks back…again…Time…flies…faster and faster…I ...

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Photo by Michael R. Heeding the Warning Signals By: Dave Williams   As much as I know they serve a very important function, I am not a fan of the warning lights on the dashboard.  ...

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 Fingernails on chalkboards…are sometimes necessary…   You know what I mean…Grating, irritating, annoying…For a moment let’s leave out the people we ...

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Ribbon Cutting

Jul 20, 2017

Photo by Ryan Johnson  Ribbon cutting…   Most of us have attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony. You know, where the new building named after a city founder is “christened.” ...

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Be of Good Cheer

Jun 26, 2017

Photo by:Wendy Harman    Be of good cheer…   Have you ever heard that saying? We often speak of Christmas cheer, or being in the Christmas spirit. Interesting that I should ...

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The Merry Go Round

May 26, 2017

Photo by: 100_7292   Do you remember your grade school playground carousel – your Merry Go Round? I have several memories of mine: Standing beside it trying to spin it faster ...

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Apr 11, 2017

Photo by: Ken Levy     Change…there is a side to me that the older I get, the less I want to…But, you’ve heard it before:   change is inevitable…   So, ...

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 Photo by: Shawn Allen   The Elder and Her (His) Issues   I’ve written about this topic elsewhere, particularly in the book, “The Family Business Teeter Totter,” ...

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The Funeral Excercise

Feb 27, 2017

 Photo by: Peyri Herrera   Most, if not all of you, are familiar with Stephen Covey’s magnum opus “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” If you haven’t ...

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    So, here we are starting a New Year…tick…tick…tick…I’m reminded of the days that pass and how I need to cherish each one as I learned of the ...

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Beware Rip VanWinkle

Dec 14, 2016

Photo by: Ioheasha   Remember the story of Rip VanWinkle? I always thought he slept 100 years, but according to the story, it was “only” 20. While where he found himself ...

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Chalk Talks

Nov 21, 2016

Photo by: Kennedy Library   Well, the election is over…thank the Lord! Whatever your opinion is, I think we can all agree on one thing…   Campaigning sucks!   Whether ...

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Am I an addict?

Oct 24, 2016

Photo by: Victor  Am I an addict?   Before you write me wondering what this has to do with family business, read just a bit more.  Hi…my name is Mark and I’m an addict… WHAT?? ...

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