Pushing Pause

Photo by: Eje Lyam


 Pushing Pause


Name one thing that happens at a slower pace than one hundred years ago…I’m hard pressed to make any kind of list of things. Maybe death…While life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past 150 years, I recently read that in America, life expectancy has been decreasing for the last several years.


Everything seems faster…bigger…more…



truly BETTER?


Over the past number of months, maybe even years, I’ve been “preaching” to others to push PAUSE. As many of you know, I experienced a forced pause at the start of the year due to a New Year’s Day ski accident. Would I have pushed pause if I hadn’t taken my spill?


What happens when I ignore the



Here’s a start to my list:


  • I eat more – that next cookie(s).
  • I can “marinate” (fill my mind continuously) in stuff that isn’t healthy…constructive.
  • I react rather than thoughtfully respond.
  • I fill the air (often the silence) with words rather than listen to understand.
  • While driving, I yell (even though he/she can’t hear me) at the person who doesn’t GO when the light turns green.
  • I “hydroplane” right over a close call without realizing how close I might have been to an accident (even a deadly one) or to the destruction of a relationship.


Alternatively, when I do CATCH MYSELF and push pause:


  • Eating takes its proper place in my life. I don’t eat more than I NEED to, and I feel better about myself (and maybe lose “that weight”).
  • My mind is drawn back to “the good stuff” and I become more of the “me I want to be.”
  • Others feel respected as I pay attention to them and what they have to say.
  • My relationships are better – nurturing, meaningful – what I REALLY want.
  • Energy is conserved for the weighty matters, rather than wasted on matters that really don’t matter.
  • False narratives don’t rent as much space in my head.
  • I can attribute positive motives to other people.
  • GRATITUDE is more evident in my thoughts, words and actions.
  • Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches mean more as I “attend” (give my attention to) to my senses.
  • I slow down and breathe…I’m more present.



Lest you think I’m inviting you to some sort of yoga retreat (which might not be such a bad idea…), there are some workplace benefits to the PAUSE:


  • Co-workers are more likely to feel appreciated and valued.
  • Less unnecessary conflict.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Joy in my work.
  • Greater likelihood of healthy teams.
  • If you’re “the boss,” less employee turnover.
  • Greater engagement personally, and if you’re a manager, greater engagement on the part of your team(s).


I believe we all have areas in our lives where PUSHING PAUSE would serve us well. Pause for a minute and think about (maybe even write them down) times when pausing would serve you well.


You’ll be glad you did!








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