Delegation as an Art Form


Delegation as an Art Form - Some Tips for Leaders


Ever seen a painting that moves you? I am a fan of Impressionism and a style called Impasto. I love them all and I have for years.  A dead give-away is my living room and bedroom walls. I have a few of the classics such as Monet and Manet and my favorites are by Van Gogh. 


Impressionism is soft and subtle. Almost as if the artist let go and decided to barely touch the canvas to see what happens next.  Impasto is very noticeable with heavy tones and textures.  The styles are different but are very meaningful in their own unique way.


Where am I headed with all of this?


To me, delegation is like painting.  It must be learned, practiced and appreciated for its eventual outcome.  Like painting a picture, delegation is a creative artistic expression used by effective leaders.  Why delegate? (Stress reduction, burnout, no balance, missing deadlines, not paying attention to the most important things and on and on.) Delegation styles vary depending on the situation but delegation is a life-saver for the busy leader. 


Here are some tips to get you started:


  • It is always best to delegate by letting go of your desire to control everything.
  • Choose to see delegation as an important tool as you begin to identify and define the tasks to be completed for someone else… at their pace and level of performance. 
  • When delegating, give all of the project or process away whenever possible. This act demonstrates that you TRUST your people and so much good work will be completed through your people.
  • Many good people and team members are “waiting” for more responsibility and hoping to share a common goal with their leader.
  • And like a painting, the outcome will be fascinating and even mind-blowing at times. 

The fact is, when you use the art-of-delegation as a 

regular leadership practice, the painting will surprise you!


Cindi Kies, Senior Advisor FBC


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