Hurry Hangover


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Are you hungover?? I was…


Another confession…Following last month’s…Wow! Is this blog becoming my “priest”??  Maybe I’ve got bigger problems…


Several weeks ago, a friend invited me to go mountain biking. Hard to resist the invitation, especially when it was to get to ride a trail I’d heard a lot about but had never ridden.


So, Saturday morning, the alarm went off at 5AM and we were on our way at 6. We had to drive several hours before arriving at the trailhead. What a ride it was. We had a blast riding the trail. Drove (I should say my friend drove) home. Just in time to get ready for the birthday party that my wife was throwing for another friend. Our evening - food, good conversation and games – lasted until late. Needless to say, I was tired.


When I (in the words of another friend) get how I wife will often say,


Mark, why do you have to pack it in?


I’d been gone most of the previous week seeing clients. I got home, finished my work, slept a bit, and then, ouch, the alarm went off at 5AM that Saturday morning. Away all day…then back for the birthday party. To bed late. Guilty: I packed it in.


I woke up Sunday morning with a



Does that phrase make any sense to you? What is characteristic of a hangover? Excess…Regret…


Why did I do that? I sure wish I hadn’t…

I’ll never do that again.


Classic characteristics of a hangover – all of those listed above – were what I experienced that Sunday morning.


When we choose to pack it in, what suffers? In my case, probably everything…Did the priority of my wife’s evening with friends suffer? Yes. Was I a bit (maybe even more than a bit…) distracted during other events that warranted my full attention? Yes!


When I pack it in something(s) suffers.

Maybe even me.


Did I learn my lesson? While only time will tell, I’ve thought about that “hangover” often. I don’t want to live a life of hangovers, regardless of the type. I want to live free from what some call hurry sickness. And, to do that, I have to follow my wife’s (yes, my dear wife’s) advice – don’t pack it in.


What about you? Is hurry what leads to your “hangover”? Or, is it something else that you one day “wake up” from only to be filled with regret and ready to vow never do that again, realizing that something and probably someone (or the plurals thereof) suffers when you get “hungover”?


The solution for no hangovers: avoid alcohol? No! Well, yes…sort of…realize whatever “substance” it is that might lead to your hangover. Handle it wisely…in moderation…not to excess. SO, avoid the excess. Avoid the hurry. And, avoid that “blanking out” that keeps you from remembering what the “morning after” felt like the last time. You’ll be glad you did!





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