Leaders are Learners


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Happy New Year!!


This will be brief…I want to share two things I’ve listened to recently. I think they may be of value. You’ve all heard me say repeatedly,


Leaders are Learners


What are you going to do to increase your learning in 2019?


So, here are my start-of-the-year learning exercises to pass along, both of which you can listen to…and maybe take a few notes that may make you a better leader in 2019!


#1: I hear from all of you that it’s a real challenge right now to hire new good employees. We’re still in a healthy economy. BUT… maybe a light is beginning to go on relative to how we prepare the next generation for the roles the marketplace will need filled. For a long time, K-12 education has focused on college prep to the neglect of the trades or technical training. Technical training is making a comeback and that is good news…for you! A friend in education shared some research that backs this up:





#2: Leadership…I just listened to a podcast Andy Stanley did with Donald Miller. Some real insights into leadership, and what Miller describes as becoming a GUIDE rather than the HERO. Worth a listen. Disclaimer: Andy Stanley is a pastor. Some “God stuff” is discussed, but not in a “churchy” way. I hope you’ll bear with me…I think you’ll be glad you did…




I’d love to get your feedback on these two pieces.


Hoping your year is the best yet!



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