Is it time to talk about your family business?
Is it time to talk about your family business?
We help family businesses have the conversations they need to have but tend to avoid...
We help family businesses have the conversations they need to have but tend to avoid...
We 'coach' people in conflict, communication and culture.
We "coach" people in conflict, communication and culture.

What is Family Business Counsel?


We help by bringing your family to the table for meaningful dialog that moves you forward.  

We help you clarify issues, open up communications, build trust, be aware of each other’s issues, and create a compelling shared vision for the future.


” Family Business Counsel showed us how all the parties involved could get what they really valued by 
working together…"

"Our family has never talked this way before…"

"We needed help with the family side of the business more than the business side of the family business."

What would happen if you all worked together to create a culture that is productive, mutually accountable and enjoyable?

At Family Business Counsel, our seasoned experts bring facilitation and guidance as you and your family journey to better results: less conflict, less “just living with it,” healthier culture, reconciled relationships…

Our proven methods, including a proactive process and specific tools that yield gains time-after-time, are designed uniquely for family businesses…so your family business can reach its possibly-as-yet-unimagined potential.  We call it the Family Business Facilitator.®

We dare to believe that any family can pass down healthy relationships as part of the family inheritance. We engage with families in business in a way that elevates awareness and heals relationships so the family can define and reach its vision, together.

 “We should have started sooner!!”  -- Family business is a known risk but we fail to recognize it!  
What if we start “fixing this” as soon as possible?  What if we start NOW?!!  What is going to happen if we DON’T start now?  If you are experiencing any symptoms of dis-trust, dis-harmony or lost opportunity, then you already know that you need to turn the tide.  Mis-trust breeds much more rapidly than TRUST.  It takes work to create, build and sustain trust. 

Don't wait to work on improving your family business relationships.  
If you are ready to go beyond "business as usual", let's talk.

Call Martha Nicol at 971-237-3157 

Bill's Story

Bill (not his real name) just acquired a majority interest in a third-generation construction company. Bill’s parents had both been involved in day-to-day work with the business; Dad in operations and Mom with “the books”.

Bill's Story

Our Process - The Family Business Facilitator



Take the cover off. Get to the truth.



Clarify and prioritize the issues to address.



Work toward shared solutions.



A call to all Team members to move beyond talk to action.


Stay engaged!

Work, Monitor and Evolve "the plan" as together, we dare greatly.

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