Happy Thanksgiving - Eat and Let Eat


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I know that people everywhere this time of year are impatiently waiting by their electronic mailboxes for Mark’s November blog. LOL!! Right, Mark…

With all you have going on this time of year, I’ll be brief.

Be Thankful! Period…There’s a lot of craziness in our world, but there are also signs of life…everywhere! Just take a moment…breathe…

 Look with eyes wide open…

Stop and listen…and be grateful.

I control my gratitude…No one else does. It’s imperative I give up any sense of control in most areas, but not this one. I can choose to be grateful every day. And guess what? When I make that choice, my day usually goes better. And the people around me benefit from a better version of Mark…

So, with that seasonal preamble, I want to share a few thoughts that have been brewing on a particular topic…And then we can all get back to Thanksgiving preparations or whatever you have on your plate.

I recently finished reading “The Ascent of a Leader,” by Thrall, McNicol and McElrath. In it, the authors discuss vulnerability and transparency. You know, if you’re a client or follow this blog, I’m a big fan of Brene Brown. And I will, once again, point you to her TED Talk on Vulnerability. If you haven’t watched it, it’s time…Make the time: 


On page 81 of “The Ascent…,” the authors say this:

Vulnerability does not mean transparency.

Transparency is simply disclosing yourself to others at times and in ways that you choose. Although transparency is a good start, in vulnerability you deliberately place yourself under others’ influence, submitting yourself to others’ strengths…

You choose to let others…

have access to your life,

to teach you, and to influence you. 

As I thought about this, I realized that

transparency allows me to live isolated. Vulnerability does not.

Many (if not most) leaders tend to live in isolation even though they are surrounded by all kinds of people. Here’s the picture that came to mind. I eat a good meal at home, but there are leftovers. I put the leftovers in a dish and cover the dish with cellophane. Then, I put my dish in the refrigerator. You come over and visit. You end up looking in my fridge (You’re kind of nosy, aren’t you???). You see my leftovers. Transparency let’s you look in my dish. Vulnerability let’s you eat out of my dish. Vulnerability, as the authors say, allows you to influence me. It allows you to have a say and hold some “sway” in how I conduct myself.

Do you have anyone in your life

 who holds sway?

Sadly, I don’t think too many of us do. What might change if I allowed someone to eat out of my dish?

So, with that, I say, eat out of each other’s dishes this Thanksgiving! Eat and let eat! Happy Thanksgiving!











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