Pass down healthy relationships and a healthier business
as your family’s inheritance.

The Family Business Facilitator -- Family Business Counsel helps family businesses have the conversations they know they need to have but seem to avoid, such as:

  • Who should be next in line to run the business?
  • How can dad/mom stay engaged without getting in the way?
  • When it comes to owning shares of the company, what is “fair”?
  • Why can’t we agree on what our commitments will be as employees of the business?
  • How do we balance the “teeter totter” of our family business?

We help you by setting a safe table and inviting the “dinner guests” (family members) to sit and stay and talk awhile, knowing that if we keep seeking to understand each other, we’ll get somewhere.  We nudge when we need to nudge.  We ask delicate, important questions to help get everyone’s cards on the table.  For this to work, everyone must get engaged and stay engaged.  If we “dare greatly” together, we can co-create a picture of our future family business that we want, like a movie trailer for relationships and the business.  We can use our improving company culture as a catalyst to reach our future, together. 

Our Process - The Family Business Facilitator

What is the cost of doing nothing??

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